A dog bed even a cat can enjoy

April 01 , 2014 by Ryan - in DIY, Easy, Sew

My dog is a little filth ball. A very sweet, wonderful, adorable, ball of dirt.  Needless to say she wares her dog beds out, in her defense we take it everywhere with us when we travel and she always does a number on it when we head to the cabin during summer. This is a […]

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So im gonna get to the point, see my obnoxious tweet to food bloggers here. My best friend introduced me to plant based eating, and I have since been trying my darndest to eat vegan-plant based. BEFORE you roll your damn eyes, I swear it is good, I’ll even swear on all my pets, which […]

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I am 100% obsessed with my new place.  I brought everything from my last place and I’ve added some polished new touches. So many of the elements are things I created, below you will see a map of Florence Italy, it is the map I used (back in the dayyyy) to navigate my way around […]

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Moving & Packing & Stabbing once college is over. So. Two weeks from today I am moving on up to the east side to a deluxe apartment in the sky. (Yes this is all factual information). (If you got that, yes, you’re old). What also coincides with two weeks from today is the weekend after […]

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Hemming some sleeves

May 14 , 2014 by Ryan - in DIY, Easy, Sew

I know it may seem scary, but hemming is pretty easy. I guarantee you this is easier than you think. So just do it, take the plunge, get your measuring tape or ruler and lets start cutting some sleeves. Supplies needed: 1.) Article of clothing with egregiously long sleeves 2.) Basic sewing supplies + tailors chalk […]

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Le Fancy, Le Easy Pillow

February 10 , 2014 by Ryan - in DIY

So I don’t know about you, but I am creepishly obsessed with throw pillows. I have a certifiable problem. However I am a cheep skate, and in case you didn’t know throw pillows and cheep skatieness do not go together. No need to worry, see cheap pillow directions, with no need for a zipper. Supplies […]

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Fixing some flats

July 20 , 2013 by Ryan - in DIY

I can’t live without a good pair of flats.  Sometimes an otherwise great pair of flats is marred with the most unfortunate bow ever.  I bought these today, and I need to get these bows off asapish.  If you want to do this fear not, removing the bow is extremely easy. I have done this […]

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Ok ok, I know, I know.  I already did a tutorial for a hot/cold pack but i stumbled across my Toms flag in my fabric box and I thought it would make a great (EASY) cold pack.  It can only be a cold pack because it has metal rivets and it cannot go into the […]

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May 07 , 2013 by Ryan - in DIY

So it’s May & my obsession with cowls/infinity scarves/all around neckwear has not waned.  Basically women every where should wear a cowl with their bathing suit, so my love of neck wear can survive summers.  I have also been promising a cowl to one of my all time favorite co-workers (thats her pictured below with […]

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Easy Drawstring Bag

May 04 , 2013 by Ryan - in DIY

OK so this was a man request; drawstring bag for camping that will hold a backpacking cook-set.  Hoooooray sleeping on the ground in the cold is basically MY favorite thing to do with a whole weekend.  Thats a bold face lie/sarcasm. Anyway….this will require a little more than basic sewing supplies, however everything can be […]

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