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Dog Leash..In 4 easy steps (sorta)

February 28 , 2013 by Ryan - in DIY

Making a dog leash is slightly more involved in that you need something you might not be able to get at the craft store. You need a clip that will clip to the dog’s collar, but you should be able to find that at a hardware store, and they are very low cost, so think […]

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Fixing Bleach Stained Pants

February 13 , 2013 by Ryan - in DIY

Let me begin by saying I am no expert on this subject, but I have a pair of brown cords that have a bleach stain from leaning against a bleached counter.  I really do not want to get rid of them. Plus I’m a cheapskate. We’ve all been there haven’t we? Bear in mind I […]

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Making a table runner

February 12 , 2013 by Ryan - in DIY

I love these. They are really easy and it makes a beautiful addition to a table. What I like about a runner is that it does not cover the entire table and it can be made from left over fabric.  I’m absolutely in love with this red fabric, it is the same fabric I used […]

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Pattern review: See & Sew B5275

February 10 , 2013 by Ryan - in Review

I have done this pattern once before, and it is a quick well fitted sweater for dogs. It is common and it can be found at most Joann Fabrics stores or here.  This time around I made the ‘large’ size and it called for 1 1/4 yards. Supplied needed 1.) Fabric, amount will vary depending […]

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Neckware 2.0 Infinity Scarf

February 10 , 2013 by Ryan - in DIY

As can be seen in my previous post for the cowl, as well as the cowl and the infinity scarf in the shop, I have quite the penchant for neckware. I just like it as an accessory and it will also serve to keep you warm! Supplies needed: 1.) Material, about 1 yard (I used […]

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