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Pattern Review: Le tote bag

April 17 , 2013 by Ryan - in Review

So I have been using a gross old cotton bag to take my lunch to work, it is actually an old navy purse I bought when I was 15 and had no sense of style, and it transitioned into a lunch bag somehow.  I sort of detest it and it was getting to the point […]

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The un-dye

April 14 , 2013 by Ryan - in DIY

What the hell is un-dye? Why it is a term I coined for this project. These jeans are just a touch too dark for me and I wanted them to be a lighter grey, and I had seen that Rit offered a lightener, so that means its time for some experimenting! Supplies needed: 1.) Rit […]

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The Easy upholster

April 07 , 2013 by Ryan - in DIY, Easy

I bought this chair for $20 at Urban Outfitters and I have had a few fabrics on it over the course of my ownership. It can be done on most any thrift store find chair, I have done it on a few and it is generally pretty easy if you have the right tools. Supplies […]

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My name is Ryan, and you have just stumbled upon a vury unique blog. We gots sewing, DIY, vegan eats (even guys love), style, humor and cats. Lots of cats, however rest assured there is no dog discrimination. Take a minute to check things out!

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