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May 07 , 2013 by Ryan - in DIY

So it’s May & my obsession with cowls/infinity scarves/all around neckwear has not waned.  Basically women every where should wear a cowl with their bathing suit, so my love of neck wear can survive summers.  I have also been promising a cowl to one of my all time favorite co-workers (thats her pictured below with […]

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Easy Drawstring Bag

May 04 , 2013 by Ryan - in DIY

OK so this was a man request; drawstring bag for camping that will hold a backpacking cook-set.  Hoooooray sleeping on the ground in the cold is basically MY favorite thing to do with a whole weekend.  Thats a bold face lie/sarcasm. Anyway….this will require a little more than basic sewing supplies, however everything can be […]

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My name is Ryan, and you have just stumbled upon a vury unique blog. We gots sewing, DIY, vegan eats (even guys love), style, humor and cats. Lots of cats, however rest assured there is no dog discrimination. Take a minute to check things out!

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