Bandana for the dog, or possibly the human.

March 10 , 2013 by: Ryan DIY

I like to make bandanas like these for this guy:


They are really quick and easy, not to mention they will add a heck of a lot of flair to your dog. Or your own head, thats cool too.

Supplies needed:

1.) Fabric quarter

*I use fabric quarters for bandanas because they are the perfect size and cost about $1

2.) Basic sewing supplies


 Step 1 

Fold and then iron the raw edges of the fabric quarter in about 1/4 inch.


Do this on all 4 sides.


Step 2

Fold it in half making a triangle and pin it together.


*I like to keep the pins close together to make sure it stays together during sewing.  I also like to put two pins  

           where the points come together, again so it will stay together while sewing.


Step 3 

Once it is pinned you are ready to sew.  If you are using a fabric quarter I recommend doing a test stitch on a similar fabric.IMG_5341

Once you have tested your stitch you are ready to sew the bandana. Do one straight stitch along the edge of the fabric.



Aaannnd your done.IMG_5342




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