May 07 , 2013 by: Ryan DIY

So it’s May & my obsession with cowls/infinity scarves/all around neckwear has not waned.  Basically women every where should wear a cowl with their bathing suit, so my love of neck wear can survive summers.  I have also been promising a cowl to one of my all time favorite co-workers (thats her pictured below with a really enthusiastic stormbacca and a mildly amused chewtrooper).


I kind of made this ‘pattern’ up just because I was testing things out & it has turned out to be an easy versatile little thing to make.

   *It can be used for fashion-y purposes or for actually keeping warm, they are great for


Supplies needed:

1.) Fleece (for this look/level of warmth)

2.) Basic sewing supplies


Step 1.) I like to make mine 17″x27″, thats the size that works for me.  Unless if you have a case of ‘bodybuilder neck’ (a term I have coined), this size should be sufficient. Ex. ‘bodybuilder neck’


Step 2.) Once you have it cut out, fold it up hotdog-style, just like in kindergarten, you remember, hotdog-style. Fold, pin & you are ready to sew. Sew a straight line down the top edge.



Step 3.) Turn it right sides out. It kind of looks like something now.  Pin the raw edges right sides together & pin.



Step 3.) Sew a straight line where you have pinned, and you’re almost done! (This is a sort of lie).  When you are done sewing the first side, fold the cowl inside out once again & this is what it will look like.


Pin the right sides together, being sure to leave an open space. You can see below I left a generous amount of space that will not be sewn. Sew a straight stitch & now seriously it’s almost done.


Step 4.) Once it is sewn it can be turned right side out through the hole, if the hole is too small, don’t freak out, just use a seam ripper to remove a few threads from either side. Easy fix. There is still one detail; the lovely little hole thats has been left.


Step 5.) This can be sewn one of two ways, hand stitching or the lazy option machine sewing carefully over the opening.  I opted for the latter. I just wanted to move quickly and I did not want to deal with threading a needle yada, yada, yada.  It came out pretty well, & the seam can be hidden on the inner side of the cowl anyway.


Here it is all done, I would have modeled it myself, lord knows I cannot resist a cowl-themed selfie.  However today was my work from home day & that translates to I’ve been wearing the same clothes for approximately 26 hours. I am only partially ashamed.


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