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I am 100% obsessed with my new place.  I brought everything from my last place and I’ve added some polished new touches. So many of the elements are things I created, below you will see a map of Florence Italy, it is the map I used (back in the dayyyy) to navigate my way around […]

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Hemming some sleeves

May 14 , 2014 by Ryan - in DIY, Easy, Sew

I know it may seem scary, but hemming is pretty easy. I guarantee you this is easier than you think. So just do it, take the plunge, get your measuring tape or ruler and lets start cutting some sleeves. Supplies needed: 1.) Article of clothing with egregiously long sleeves 2.) Basic sewing supplies + tailors chalk […]

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A dog bed even a cat can enjoy

April 01 , 2014 by Ryan - in DIY, Easy, Sew

My dog is a little filth ball. A very sweet, wonderful, adorable, ball of dirt.  Needless to say she wares her dog beds out, in her defense we take it everywhere with us when we travel and she always does a number on it when we head to the cabin during summer. This is a […]

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The Easy upholster

April 07 , 2013 by Ryan - in DIY, Easy

I bought this chair for $20 at Urban Outfitters and I have had a few fabrics on it over the course of my ownership. It can be done on most any thrift store find chair, I have done it on a few and it is generally pretty easy if you have the right tools. Supplies […]

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Dyeing a patterned fabric

March 10 , 2013 by Ryan - in DIY, Easy

I have some sort of brain malfunction when it comes to buying patterned fabric. I buy them and then I stop liking them.  I still really liked this one, but I wanted the white to be an off white rather than a start white. So I decided to use a small amount of Rit liquid […]

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My name is Ryan, and you have just stumbled upon a vury unique blog. We gots sewing, DIY, vegan eats (even guys love), style, humor and cats. Lots of cats, however rest assured there is no dog discrimination. Take a minute to check things out!

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