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Pattern Review: Le tote bag

April 17 , 2013 by Ryan - in Review

So I have been using a gross old cotton bag to take my lunch to work, it is actually an old navy purse I bought when I was 15 and had no sense of style, and it transitioned into a lunch bag somehow.  I sort of detest it and it was getting to the point […]

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Pattern review: See & Sew B5275

February 10 , 2013 by Ryan - in Review

I have done this pattern once before, and it is a quick well fitted sweater for dogs. It is common and it can be found at most Joann Fabrics stores or here.  This time around I made the ‘large’ size and it called for 1 1/4 yards. Supplied needed 1.) Fabric, amount will vary depending […]

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Ok so I have bought several patterns and made things with them, and I feel like I never know what to expect.  Sometimes they are rather straightforward and simple, while sometimes it is like reading greek when trying to interpret the instructions. This pattern is pretty straight forward, and the directions are clear.  It is […]

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My name is Ryan, and you have just stumbled upon a vury unique blog. We gots sewing, DIY, vegan eats (even guys love), style, humor and cats. Lots of cats, however rest assured there is no dog discrimination. Take a minute to check things out!

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