Easy Drawstring Bag

May 04 , 2013 by: Ryan DIY

OK so this was a man request; drawstring bag for camping that will hold a backpacking cook-set.  Hoooooray sleeping on the ground in the cold is basically MY favorite thing to do with a whole weekend.  Thats a bold face lie/sarcasm. Anyway….this will require a little more than basic sewing supplies, however everything can be found at a fabric/craft store.

Supplies Needed:

1.) Nylon fabric, I am just using nylon because it was again a man request, you can use what ya want.

2.) A self healing cutting board & rotary cutting tool would be super useful, but not totally necessary if you don’t have them. Plain old scissors are a fine substitute.

3.) Some kind of string

4.) Cord stops – can be purchased at craft store

5.) Basic sewing supplies


Step 1) As per ushe you can make this any size you want, the size requested was 6″x8″ so I cut 7″x9″ so that I had enough room for seams. Once you have the size determined you can cut it out.


Step 2) Once your fabric is cut pin right sides together.


Step 3) Sew around 3 sides, making sure you leave about a 1/2″ un-sewn at the top of each side of the bag.  This is so there will be a space for the drawstring to go.


             *Make sure you test a piece of fabric, eeeeespecially if you are using nylon or some other outdoorsy kind of  

              fabric, I had to mess with my tension a bit.


Step 4) Once you have sewn the three sides you are almost there. Lay the draw string around the opening, fold it over once and pin.


Step 5) Once all the pins are in place sew around the opening, but be careful not to sew the actual drawstring, don’t worry, it’s not hard, I pretty much promise.


Step 6) Woot. You’re seriously almost done now, turn the bag right side out and attach the cord to the drawstring and voila a camping bag (that will apparently hold a backpacking cook set well) is le done.




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