Easy…easy…Cat toy!

December 14 , 2012 by: Ryan DIY

OK so.  You are looking for an easy sewing project, that you could possibly parlay into a Christmas gift? I’ve got the perfect thing for you! A catnip cat toy.

Supplies needed:

1.)Basic list of sewing supplies

2.)Any fabric, you dont even need that much maybe about 1/4 yard

3.) Stuffing, you can get it at any craft store

4.) Catnip

5.) Actual cat


Step 1) Cut out your fabric into whatever shape you would like, I recommend folding the fabric in half when doing this so that when you cut, you’re cutting two pieces of fabric that are the same shape I like to cut my fabric for cat toys into squares because it is an easy shape to keep straight and they end up looking like cute little pillows when you’re done.

Step 2) Pin the fabric right sides together (this means put the sides of the fabric you would like to see on the outside) and pin the fabric securely.

I like to make several at one time, it streamlines the process and it is really easy to make a lot of them.

Step 3) Sew your fabric together, making sure you leave a small space open on some area of your fabric so that you will be able to turn it inside out.

Step 4) Turn your fabric right side out and fill it with a combo if stuffing and catnip. DO NOT over stuff, that will make your opening more difficult to close.

Step 5) Fold your open area in a little bit and pin it securely.


Step 6) Once the open area is pinned together, sew a fine stitch (this means that the stitches are closer together) as close to the edge as possible, and voila cat toy time!

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  • Wow, this is cool, thanks for sharing. How long does something like this last with most cats? I guess it depends on your fabric and sewing job, but I’m just wondering if cat’s will rip it up immediately, or if it’ll last a little while first.

    • It just depends on the cat! They have lasted with my parents two indoor cats. I’d say using a tougher canvas-like fabric is the best bet.

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