Hemming some sleeves

May 14 , 2014 by: Ryan DIY, Easy, Sew

I know it may seem scary, but hemming is pretty easy. I guarantee you this is easier than you think. So just do it, take the plunge, get your measuring tape or ruler and lets start cutting some sleeves.

Supplies needed:

1.) Article of clothing with egregiously long sleeves

2.) Basic sewing supplies + tailors chalk (or pencil)

3.) Ruler or measuring tape

4.) Cutting mat, if you’ve got one


Step1.) Before you do anything, make sure the garment is properly ironed so that all your measurements will be accurate.


Step 2.) I suggest putting the garment on and gauging where you might want the sleeve to be and then marking it with your pencil or  tailors chalk.  Once you have made your mark you can use your ruler or tape measure to make a line toward the under arm of the sleeve. I used a straight line because I wanted a plain t-shirt like sleeve, but feel free to be creative.


Once you determine your line, measure the length from the armpit to the line, and then from the shoulder to the line so that you can replicate it on the other arm.  Be as precise as possible and measure at least TWICE.






Step 3.) Once you have measured a neurotic amount of times, you’re ready to start cutting (ahhhhh). But it will seriously be ok so just go ahead and grab those scissors.


Step 4.) Once you have cut the sleeves you are ready to decide how you would like the hem to be, you can fold it under twice (this gives it a finished edge) or you can do what I did and fold it upwards once, iron it, and then fold it upward again to complete the finished look.  Either way you will have to iron it to ensue that it will lay flat as you sew.

img_9703 10.27.10 PM



 (I know what you’re thinking, isn’t that the same picture from above? Yes it most certainly is, take two pictures of ironing?  Aint nobody got time for that)

Step 5.)  Once you have it ironed you can go ahead and pin it for good measure so that nothing slips while you sew and then go ahead and start sewing.


For the first stitch, I stayed close to the edge which is just an easy guide to follow.


Phew ok, once you’ve sewn one straight stitch over the circumference of the sleeve, you can do one of two things you can A.) leave it as is and move on to the other arm or B.) you can do a second straight stitch along the circumference to give the sleeve a more finished look.

I opted to do a second stitch and it is vurrryy easy so don’t be afraid.


Most of the work is in the prep but I think it is totally worth it!


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