Neckware 2.0 Infinity Scarf

February 10 , 2013 by: Ryan DIY

As can be seen in my previous post for the cowl, as well as the cowl and the infinity scarf in the shop, I have quite the penchant for neckware. I just like it as an accessory and it will also serve to keep you warm!

Supplies needed:

1.) Material, about 1 yard (I used a jersey knit)

2.) General sewing supplies (scissors, thread, needles, etc)

3.) Neck that wants to be warmed

Step 1.

Since I am making this without a pattern I measured it against a scarf that I wear all the time, it lays really well and the thickness/length are perfect.

The most important thing here is ironing out the fabric, especially if you are using a jersey knit.  It is a fickle fabric that does not always want to stay in place and the ends curl up and can make things difficult.  However it is the perfect fabric for this particular accessory.

Step 2.

Once I had my material folded to the desired width I cut, I pinned the right sides together. (“Right sides” are the sides of the fabric you want to see in your final product.)

This fabric made it extremely easy  to cut because it is striped, however if you have a solid material and it is a little off when you cut it, it will not be a big deal because it won’t be very noticeable in the end. *For this particular fabric I kept the pins very close together because the fabric tends to curl up on the ends, and the more pins make it easier when sewing.

Step 3. 

Once the length of the fabric is pinned it is time for a straight stitch. BEFORE I stitch on my scarf I did a test run on a piece of scrap that was left when I trimmed my fabric.

Since the fabric is thin and light there is a chance that your tension might need to be adjusted. Check out an explanation of thread tension here.  When you are sure the tension is correct you can move on and do the straight stitch. As always make sure to do a forward stitch and a back stitch at the beginning and the end of your straight stitch.

Step 4.

Turn your fabric right side out, it should be starting to look like an actual scarf now.  Match up the seams and pin right sides together. This step can be tricky so make sure you use enough pins, and I did it in two halves so that I did not run the risk of sewing over other parts of the scarf.  Sew as much as you can without the scarf getting too bunched up.  There will be about a 4 inch section that is not sewn when you are through.

Step 5.

In the 4 inch un-swen gap fold your fabric inwardand pin it .

Once you have pinned it you can do another straight stitch as close to the edge as possible without missing any spots and when you have finished VOILA! You have an infinity scarf!

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