Out with the old in with the new (apartments)

November 15 , 2014 by: Ryan DIY

Moving & Packing & Stabbing once college is over.

So. Two weeks from today I am moving on up to the east side to a deluxe apartment in the sky. (Yes this is all factual information). (If you got that, yes, you’re old).

What also coincides with two weeks from today is the weekend after thanksgiving. In my utter late 20’s brilliance when setting my move in date I did not realize it was in fact the weekend after thanksgiving. In any event, it is happening, movers have been scheduled, my house is in a state of disaster.

Before the state of disaster however I cleaned & organized as if I were June Clever and I photographed it all for posterity, and also for design tips, as well as tips for a smooth non stabby move.


Tips & shit:

~Start packing early, don’t be a dick and wait until the last minute

~Use this time to get rid of things you don’t really love GIVE EVERYTHING TO GOODWILL

~Pack nonessential items as early as you can

~Don’t go effing get weird shaped boxes from a grocery store, go buy actual boxes & packing materials from a hardware store, they are only about $1 a piece, seriously it makes everything easier, cool, perfectly sized boxes with handle holes!

~Pack your most valuable small glass items in small boxes and move them in your car, so if anything breaks you can only blame yourself.

Once the dust has cleared and my sanity has returned I am going to post pics of my new place.  In addition to the pics I will update the list of moving tips, because right now they seem flowery and wonderful, but once my life is in boxes and I am charged with moving two ornery felines across town I am sure things will change. Ta! Until then…





So during my 2.5 years at this particular local I had my first real paying big kid job, which has allowed me to amass so. many. THINGS.  I came across this wonderful instagram from Design Sponge I will be moving forward with this mantra


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