Pattern Review: Mittens & Handwarmers

December 16 , 2012 by: Ryan Review

Ok so I have bought several patterns and made things with them, and I feel like I never know what to expect.  Sometimes they are rather straightforward and simple, while sometimes it is like reading greek when trying to interpret the instructions.

This pattern is pretty straight forward, and the directions are clear.  It is also a very common pattern you can find it in most Joann’s stores, or on the McCall’s Pattern website here.

I used a polar fleece material for this pattern, that is what the instructions suggested and that seemed like that natural choice.  I would recommend that you have a small pair of scissors to cut around the pattern for the thumb, it is a very small space and using big scissors can make it difficult.

The handwarmer is slightly more complicated than the mittens because you have to make a hole for the thumb, and matching up the fabric in the right way can be tricky.  My first time through I was a bit confused about how to match the fabric, but once I got the hang of it it was easy.  The key is to make sure you make the small clips in the fabric as instructed on the pattern, and then you are able to use the clip marks as a guide to know if you are sewing the fabric together at the correct spots.  Make sure you iron the pattern paper prior to pinning it to your fabric, to make sure that everything is as precise as possible.

The mittens are extremely easy.  The most difficult part was pinning the pattern to the fleece without damaging the cray paper (I have been using the pattern over and over).  There is only one straight stitch for the entire glove and leave one open space to turn the glove inside out and its done, aside from stitching up the small open space, but you can make sure this space is on the inside so that it is not visible

There are also several sizes, which is great but the down side is that the sizes are clumped together, so if you make a small first you will cut through all of the other sizes.  This is frustrating me a little bit, but I am just making all of the small sized mittens last.

I have pictured a final product of both a hand warmer and a mitten, also pictured is my intrusive cat’s foot.  These are both the ‘large’ sizes.  They came out a bit bulkier than I was hoping for, especially the area around the thumb on the hand warmer.  I think if I had used a thinner fleece it might have come out better. The real test will come when they are worn every day.  That being said, this pattern was quick and to the point, just as advertised. They also allow for a great deal of creativity, you can add embellishments or use any color of fabric that you’d like, all in all a good pattern.

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