The un-dye

April 14 , 2013 by: Ryan DIY

What the hell is un-dye? Why it is a term I coined for this project. These jeans are just a touch too dark for me and I wanted them to be a lighter grey, and I had seen that Rit offered a lightener, so that means its time for some experimenting!

Supplies needed:

1.) Rit lightener

2.) Something you want lightened


WARNING! If you try this make sure you are willing to part with the clothing/fabric in question, that kind of goes for all dye, but lightening especially.


So the process for this is pretty standard, add powdered dye to HOT water add clothing after it is wet, let it run through the wash cycle, and VOILA! Le new pantelons.  I think I may do it again because I would like them to be even lighter, but since I had never done this before I did not want to over do it.


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